Sales Training Startups Must Read - “Unfunded - From Bootstrap to Blue Chip”

Lately I’ve seen many YASTS (Yet Another Sales Training Start-up) emerging and I cheer when people decide to take the entrepreneurial leap. I’ve done it several times myself and there is nothing more exciting than channeling your past experience into a new venture and hanging out a shingle.

unfunded_coverFor those with high hopes of quick success with a big cash out however, I encourage them to check out Nick Carter’s new book “Unfunded - From Bootstrap to Blue Chip”. For new service start-ups, there is a lot of hard work ahead so be smart about.

“You can’t sell a job”

This is my favorite quote in the book but I’ll leave the source of that quote for you to discover. The bottom line is this; if your service business is not developed in a way that you can “productize” your services, then you will forever be the linchpin in the business. One unit of service, one unit of pay. Is that what emerging entrepreneurs want? I doubt it.

The Skinny

In 152 of the fastest reading pages I think I’ve ever seen, Nick lays out the pitfalls and opportunities for anyone thinking about taking the entrepreneur trip. His real life experiences growing up on a farm is a great back drop of inspiration, and perspiration, for us all.

Get it, read it (I could not put it down) and live it!

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