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Stale Content at the Speed of Now

There is no doubt content drives sales interactions. When a prospect encounters a business issue and starts researching a solution, the content prepared by vendors is critical. Whether a potential customer uses Google, Bing, YouTube or even social media for initial research, those vendors with fresh, pertinent content get the first shot. The question is, will the anonymous blog/site visitor think the content is really that new?

moldy-breadWith modern marketing in overdrive to generate content, an interesting phenomenon is taking shape: content is becoming stale instantly or, to put it in cool, modern terms “at the speed of Now”.

That new whitepaper is powerful and will no doubt remain pertinent for an extended period of time. However, to the Marketer that created it, it feels outdated the day after it was written. Why? Because there are probably dozens, if not hundreds of others on the same topic…just a search away. The content “treadmill” is a hungry beast that demands constant feeding.

…and speaking of treadmills…I’d like to close with an example of what I believe is happening in modern content marketing using a classic cartoon from my era…The Jetsons.

Warning: Watch Speaker Volume!

Remember this scene?

The Jetsons was a classic space-age cartoon created at the height of our Apollo program. In the closing credits, George (the customer) is going to take Astro (the Marketer) for a walk. Using a space-age treadmill they begin a casual stroll together.

Soon, however, Astro becomes fixated on a Cat (new content) and begins chasing it relentlessly. In seconds, George the Customer is trampled under foot and completely forgotten. It’s a classic scene but unfortunately may be playing out far too often in B2B marketing life.

If you are a content marketer, enjoy the chase!

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