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IT Storage Marketers: Lead Conversion Tool Review

Are you an IT Storage Marketer looking for disruptive ways to boost lead generation for your sales team?

If so, you need to check out David Lamont’s (MarketingSage) review of using EchoQuote™ to convert website visitors into actionable sales opportunities.

Why Storage Marketers should care about David’s opinion

David is a long time sales and marketing veteran of the data storage industry. I’ve known Dave for several years and met him through his MarketingSage work at Texas Memory Systems (TMS), a leading manufacturer of enterprise class Solid-State Disk arrays.

David was responsible for coordinating and executing various marketing campaigns fueling TMS’ explosive growth and about 3 years ago they decided to try EchoQuote™. After the initial successful trial, Dave went full steam ahead and used EchoQuote™ as one of the calls to action on virtually every campaign type you can imagine; online (website conversion), direct mail and even print advertising. I’ll let him tell you about the results.

While both Dave and Agnes are too modest to promote their storage focused marketing expertise, I have no such restrictions! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with them and have learned a lot along the way. If nothing else you should connect with them on linkedin and share your thoughts.

David Lamont
Connect with Dave on LinkedIn

Agnes Lamont
Connect with Agnes on LinkedIn

From their new storage marketing resource site “Storage Marketing”:

“We offer a blend of knowledge that combines marketing expertise, product knowledge and decades of experience in the data storage and data management realm of the IT sector. We have been marketers, product managers, and executives for vendors such as IBM, Seagate, EMC/Legato as well as smaller firms. For the past decade or so, we have been retained (through our agency, Marketingsage) by clients in a variety of emerging to medium sized companies who are involved in delivering hardware or software products that deal with the storage or management of data.

We write about topics that are of interest to CEOs, vice presidents of marketing, and directors of marketing/product marketing. We write in that useful, but rarely covered, “overlap area” where strategy, product, and market dynamics meet the execution of marketing as both science and art.

Our “day” jobs at Marketingsage

David and Agnes are partners in Marketingsage, a full-service marketing agency that’s helped clients make millions in new revenue by generating sales leads, building brands, launching new products, and establishing new sales channels. We’ve achieved that at about 50% of the cost of adding to payroll or using typical agencies by developing a more effective way of providing all the services of a larger marketing department including: Strategic Planning and Process Design; Advertising; Press Relations and Analyst Relations; Internet Marketing; Direct Marketing; Sales Lead Management; Channel Marketing; Event Management; Graphic Design; Copy Writing; Video Production.”

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