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Crush Your 2011 Sales Objectives - Recorded Webinar

Do you want to crush your 2011 sales or marketing objectives?

If so, you’ll need a good dose of inbound marketing to augment your traditional outbound processes. Enter Bernie Borges, founder of FindAndConvert and an inbound marketing and social media expert.

In this exclusive pre-recorded webinar hosted by Bernie, you’ll see first hand how to capitalize on your Social Media activities. It’s not enough to just create great content and hope people engage; you need an edge that reaches out and captures serious prospects when they land on your website or blog. Isn’t that the whole reason you’ve convinced others in your company that you need to participate in Social Media?

Forget the “you need to do Social Media” pep talk.

In this webinar, Bernie casts aside the fuzzy logic and teams with EchoQuote to show you how B2B lead conversion is really done. You’ll see, exactly, how a small hardware reseller uses Social Media to drive traffic and then converts that traffic into actionable B2B sales leads with a Self-Service Pricing Call-to-Action. This company not only succeeds, but has become the top equipment provider in it’s territory against 600 competitors. You will see an actual, live demo of where to place the calls-to-action and how to follow-up.

This was recorded live on January 19, 2011 and may go down as THE big idea for crushing your 2011 sales number.


I’ve known Bernie Borges for three years and am a big fan of his book Marketing 2.0: Bridging the Gap between Seller and Buyer through Social Media Marketing.

Bernie is also a nationally known speaker and is launching his new seminar “Social Networking for Job Seekers” at www.BernieBorges.com.

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