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Inline deduplication a reality with GreenBytes

I’ve spent 20 years in the data storage/data backup industry. It’s not the most exciting business, but every now and then a new, disruptive player enters the space and catches the competition flat footed.

GreenBytes, Inc. (Ashaway, RI) has hit the ground running in what experts say is the next big wave in data deduplication technology - primary data de-duplication. Unlike DataDomain, Quantum and Exagrid that focus on deduplication for backup processes, GreenBytes has optimized its turnkey appliances to handle primary data.

The reason most dedup companies haven’t gone after the primary (inline deduplication) market is simple; most deduplication involves latency and latency is evil in I/O bound systems. The founders at GreenBytes have cracked the code on eliminating the latency problem and are moving full steam ahead to offer serious $/GB value for data hungry applications.

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Before Nurturing a New B2B Lead, Send the Golden Document (part 2)

In my last post Before Nurturing a New B2B Lead, Ask the Golden Question we talked about asking a compelling question for new B2B leads before you send the lead down the nurturing path. Our intent is to try to filter high-quality prospects and get them to the sales team for direct interaction.

For those who have not read the post, here was where we left off:

The Golden Question

My name is YYY and I approved your request for ZZZ. This is a courtesy follow-up to make sure you received it. If you have not received it, please check your spam filter.

May I ask you one question? Have you defined the requirements for your XYZ project, or no? For future reference, we have compiled a “Top 20 Customer Requirements List” from our customers and would be happy to share it with you.

Thank you for your interest in WWW.


At the end of the post (after asking the Golden question) I mentioned that you should be prepared to send a “Top 20 Customer Requirements” document to help set the decision criteria. I offered to provide an example document and so many people took me up on it that I thought I would simply lay it out here and provide you a real sample.
[

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