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Before Nurturing a New B2B Lead, Ask the Golden Question

This is a follow-up post to Converting [social media] Conversations and addresses what to do when in fact you get that new lead. Having attended the recent Marketing Sherpa conference in Boston, my first thought is “push the new lead into the lead management system for nurturing”.

The process makes sense but what should the FIRST interaction with this new lead look like? Should it be a courtesy “thank you and here’s more about our products” or should it be more hard hitting and response provoking. As a B2B sales person for 15 years, I prefer the response provoking approach. Here’s why: The only thing worse than sending a non-qualified lead to sales is not passing one and finding out 6 months later that the lead turned into a customer…for your competition. Therein lies the dilemma for the modern marketer. How do you weed the good ones out quickly?

Ask the Golden Question
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