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Give Your Customers New Tools, Not Your Sales Team

Want to find and close more business customers?

Of course, but how? More outbound emails? More Cold Calling?

The key may lie in empowering your customers to engage you instead of the other way around. In this current selling climate it seems that a new selling tool is announced almost daily that will revolutionize how sales people find new customers. Unfortunately, the vast number of them are inward facing toward the sales team and completely ignore the customer that is searching for your products or services.

Think about how you research and purchase new business services. Do you respond to the barrage of interruption based emails you receive? Probably not. If you are like me you have identified an area of your business that needs improving and you begin researching it. For example, I was interested in having our Corporate website optimized for Search Engines. As a Hubspot follower I immediately went to their site and ran their website grader; a basic but eye opening tool.

This same methodology can be applied to your own b2b lead generation efforts. Think about tools that YOUR customers would find useful and supply them. Your customers will benefit and you may end up with not only a new customer but a viral marketing spread of your products and services.

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