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Floods, Fires and Corporate Data

Floods and fires are everywhere in the news. For small and medium size businesses, these natural phenomenon can spell disaster for corporate data. Four out of Five businesses that experience a catastrophic data loss never recover. Unfortunately, most small companies can’t afford a complete off-site disaster recovery service and have to “roll the dice” that nothing will happen.

A Solution…

One of our clients, KL Security, carries a “hot” product (actually it is a very cool product, especially when the building is on fire). They are the top reseller for ioSafe, a deskside device that contains fire-proof hard drives. The Network Attached Storage (NAS) device simply plugs into a company’s network infrastructure to provide fireproof/waterproof protection. Once the ioSafe device is attached and data is backed up, corporate data is protected up to 1500 degrees and 30 feet of water. Customers often refer to it as “the hardest pillow you’ll ever love” because it will help you sleep at night.

They have a cool video of an actual fire demonstration where they loaded data on a device, engulfed it in flames, cooled it off and recovered the data.

There are several sizes and models to choose from and of course you can get a Self-Service Price for each model with no hassle.

From paper to electronic information, KL Security has the products to protect your data.

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